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      Covering the globe with its high quality of products, Jiangsu Huachang Yarns & Fabrics Co.,Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic woven products, providing shade net, insect net, ground cover, anti hail net, mesh bag and other net for agriculture, horticulture, building industry, sport and entertainment nets.
      The company was established in 1990,has been in operation for more than 20 years, with an area of more than 40000 square meters. We introduced 108 whole sets of "Switzerland SULZER RUTI" textile equipments and adopt high quality HDPE + UV raw material to produce"IDEAL" brand plastic woven products.
      High Quality: Stronger tension, Anti-aging, Preventing from ultraviolet ray, corrosion prevention, Waterproof and Innocuous. Wide Use: Applied in different of crops, eg.:Vegetables, Flowers, Esculent mushroom, Medicinal material, aquatic product, Poultry breeding and so on.
      Excellent function: Controlling temperature and humidity, Anti-insect and bird, Windbreak, Anti-thunderstorm, Anti-hail and frost. 
      Completed specification: Width is 1-10 meters, Rate of shading is 30%-95%, Inset Net is 12 mesh- 60mesh(Special specs can be made according to order).
      Our motto is plain and simple: we sincerely support your green life.
      Jiangsu Huachang Yarns&Fabrics Co.,Ltd supplies customers in over 50 countries on 5 continents. We pride ourselves on making the perfect match between customer needs, crops, climate and terrain conditions, and the plastic net that provides the ultimate solution, with ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure best possible results.

Shade net
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Anti insect net
Anti insect nets are generally used to protec
Anti hail net
Anti hail net are made of High Density Polyet
Ground cover
Ground cover is made of High Density Polyethy
Mesh Bags
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Small package
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