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       Anti insect net installation instructions: 
       Our company adopted high quality HDPE+UV raw material to produce “Ideal” brand insect net and shade net. We guarantee that our product can be used more than three years in the natural environment. To make sure that you would got a good return when you using our net, we sincerely remind you that: 
       Our product will left some allowance on the length and width when we produce it. But considering the shrinkage of plastic product under natural environment, please allow some enough length of your net during the process of installation. 
       After the installation, please put some soil or stones on the bottom of insect net to make sure the edge of insect net is very tightly.Then you will find our insect net could be a big and useful barrier to protect your corps. 
       In the daily life, please keep the insect net tight and close, If you come or out the greenhouse, please keep the seam part close in case of some small flying insects. 
       The most important thing is try to avoid to pull the nets on the rough ground or frame. And please don’t put the nets on the black film or metal plate, because it will destroy the material of nets. If you found the nets are broken, please repair it.

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