In order to providing the better services to meet our customers needs and promote business developments,
we are providing customers with a variety of value-added services. 



Sewing machine 

Different kinds of sewing threads are available, including HDPE

monofilaments, Polyester monofilaments, PTFE monofilaments…


Polyester yarns(2-3 years warranty). HDPE monofilament

(5 years warranty). PTFE yarns(over 10 years warranty).

We can offer flexible width through sewing, up to 15m;

Single needle stitch, twin needle stitch and locking stitch are available.

Sewing test(Tensile strength)

Binding material like tarpaulin, black woven strips are available…

2.Binding/ Corner binding

Tarpaulin and black woven strips are the most common materials, they can make the edges more stronger.

Buttonholes on the both edge of the nets will make it more easy to be installed and fixed.

3.Button holes

Material such as aluminum
button holes, brass eyelets.

Easy to install and remove:

Repeated use and well protect the fruits from insects and virus;

Reduce the use of pesticides and provide green and healthy fruits.


4.Nets with Velcro

With strings, the nets can be hung easily, also could be fixed and installed flexibly.

It is also one of popular selling-points of our products.

5.With strings

Fruits yield will be greatly increased

6.Anti insect net bag

Covering the fruit trees, it works as a physical barrier and blocks the entrance of insects and virus;

How to pack it

7.Independent Small Packaging

Personalized small packaging with customers’ logo or design will be more suitable for supermarket retail.



It will also has a good effect on brand publicity

8.Small & Jumbo Rolls

Jumbo roll up to 1000m length is feasible.

Small rolls(20m&30m&50m&100m) 


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